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Not speaking prematurely

Every time I find a new "treatment," I try for Jordan, and it does what it is supposed to do. I usually blog about it, and soon after, things go backward.  Two weeks ago, while I was on Facebook, I came across a post that I can no longer find. It was about yeast overgrowth and provided a link to an ebook and supplements that decrease it, increase magnesium, other minerals, and good bacteria. I was happy this book was in ebook format and that it was free. Yeast is one of those things that I believe has been an issue with him for some time, and I was a little anxious to start reading it. However, I did not realize that overgrowth of this can lead to the leaky gut issue I also thought he had. Working on sealing the gut would not completely work if you do not decrease what made it expand in the first place. After reading the book, I was unsure if I wanted to continue with the test to see what Jordan was sensitive to, like salicylates and gluten, etc., because honestly, that reall

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