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Taking some time

Things have been somewhat hectic in my household and not for the reasons you may be thinking.  Firstly, I have been in virtual classes with my youngest daughter for the past 3 weeks. She had too much freedom in doing the work on her own, and it almost felt as if we were losing our connection. I don't know if she needed more from me than she was getting since distance learning or needed a little more attention and confidence with schooling. Either way, my Monday-Friday, except for Wednesday, is no longer mine. So that leaves me to get all the things I used to do throughout the week done on Wednesday or Saturday. I am still trying to get the rhythm of it. That is one of the reasons why I have not been in a place to write. Not to mention the fact that not much is going on in the world of Jordan. He has started taking the inulin that he used to take on the Nemechek Protocol to help with the overgrowth of any bad bacteria in his gut. I have not started him on any fish oils, and not sure

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