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Not going to be easy

Sunday was the start of our fast. I still haven't completed the book "Fast & Grow Young," but I am almost there. Sunday's reading gave me a lot of insight on how to monitor the fast and what to do when things aren't looking like they should and how to "break" fasting and start back up. There are things I have to monitor every day, so when something takes a different turn, and I don't see symptoms, I know it's time to stop. I really have to be in tune with now four different bodies, because my husband started with us yesterday.

 I thought I was going to have to sit with Jordan to keep him calm, so he does not use up all his reserves. This was going to be hard for me because I still have a home to take care of. Cleaning, cooking, and some laundry still have to be done. But after Monday, he calmed down on his own. More than likely, due to weakness. Today I am feeling slightly weaker than I did yesterday, but that is to be expected. I don't f…

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