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LDA findings

Almost three weeks into Jordan's second LDA shot and things have not been going as planned. He has regressed slightly by acting up on the bus, at school and a tad at home. 
I do understand that he received the first dose for food and therefore he may be acting according to what was put in his system. However, when he gets a food he should not, it does not take this long for symptoms to go away. I had a couple of ideas as to why they were lingering. One, he was not getting the quercetin that I used to give him that helped with allergies. After a week back on the supplement and still seeing the same issues, the second thing I thought was that it was the combination of not having the quercetin AND magnesium. I started him back on it this morning so I'm really not sure if it has or will fix the issue.
But I didn't let that stop me from trying to find other reasons and remedies. Because I know how distracting mobile games can be for me I felt the need to get rid of them. Sunday …

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